This Week in the Parish





Mon  July 1st                                   Canada Day

                                     7:00 am        Breakfast at St John's Church Hall

                                    10:00 am  


Tues  July 2nd          9:30 am         Bible Study at Sweeny's

                                    11:00 am        String & a Prayer practice         

                                  3:00 pm         Walk with Friends  More Info ?

                                                          Gordon, Donna, Catherine  


Wed   July 3rd          6:30 pm         Anniversary Committee


Thurs July 4th          9:00- am        Community Cafe & Farm Market

                                  11:00 am        St John's Church Hall                                                      

Fri     July 5th  


Sat     July 6th                                           


Sun    July 7th                               4th Sunday after Pentecost


                                     9:30 am        Parish Service at St Paul's

                                                        Union Square (Gordon)








                           Summer Service Schedule     


                                         June, July and August


                               One Parish Service each Sunday at 9:30 am


                                                    (A few exceptions, as announced)








Hi everyone...... you may not have heard.....
there's a GAMES NIGHT  at St John's Church Hall....
It's for all ages.....come for the whole 3 hours from 6pm-9pm or for any portion of it. There is no charge (hosted by the Parish)... snacks are provided(by the Parish).....
Travis Martin brings a generous supply of games.....and others bring their favorites as well....
Invite a friend....bring the family....tell your neighbours....







We are open to holding  teaching / discussion / worship / action events. We welcome suggestions for topics and leaders.




 INTERESTED IN DEVELOPING YOUR COMPUTER SKILLS for Parish Projects? Speak to Heather or Catherine about the possibility of an up-coming workshop.