This Week in the Parish





Mon Oct 16th                          



Tues Oct 17th                         9:30 am Bible Study at Sweeny’s.

                                                    11:30 am Team Planning for Remembrance day.

                                                    2:00 pm Service at Rosedale Home. (Baptist)



Wed Oct 18th                         3:00-5:00 pm, 6:00-8:00 pm

                                               (supper provided at 5:00-5:30) 

                                                St John's Church Hall 

                                                A Day In The Parish with the Rev'd Lisa Vaughn



Thurs Oct 19th                      Cursillo Weekend begins.


Fri Oct 20th 


Sat Oct 21st 


Sun Oct 22nd                       20th after Pentecost.



                                               9:15 am Holy Eucharist at Transfiguration


                                               11:00 am Holy Eucharist at St John's





     A Day in the Parish with Our Parish Vitality Co-ordinator,

The Rev’d Lisa Vaughn

Wednesday, October 18th at St John’s Church Hall

“How Can We Make a Difference in Our Communities?

How do we love? How do we serve?

Informal Presentations and Discussions 3-5pm & 6-8pm

Open to all interested parishioners and friends; please share / invite!

Come to both sessions or just one, as you are able!

Supper provided between 5 & 5:30pm

For more info contact  Fr Mellanie 644-2260 or Catherine 644-2854                                                  


Lisa was in the Parish two years ago and met with interested parishioners to discuss our needs and resources and how we might revitalize our worship, programs, service projects …. We had an excellent meeting and she gave us a report with much to think about. We were in a position of interim ministry with Pastor Steve then, and he was not in a position to lead us into new ministries. Pastor Lisa  spoke at the Parish Service this summer and gave us much to think about regarding mission, outreach, working together to love and serve our communities….. NOW, we have invited her to come and talk with us, to help us think more specifically about whether and how we are being called to share God’s love in our communities. The second attachment is about that event. Please consider attending and invite others who care about our church and our communities!






We’re also working to arrange a Parish Visit with Allie Colp, our Diocesan Youth and Family Ministry Coordinator.


We are open to holding other teaching / discussion / worship / action events. We welcome suggestions for topics and leaders.


 EMMANUEL UNITED CHURCH, HEMFORD will celebrate their 140th Anniversary with a special service on Sun, Oct 29th at 2pm and invite us to join them! As part of the celebration, loved ones will be remembered by name and balloons (biodegradable) released. To include a loved ones’ name please contact Mildred Durling 644-2256


 ST ANDREW’S CONGREGATION INVITES YOU TO DINNER! Corned Beef and Cabbage, Sun Nov 12th Noon-2pm ($14 per adult)

AND…. Mark the date! ST JOHN’S ANNUAL CHRISTMAS TEA -Thursday, December 7th





INTERESTED IN DEVELOPING YOUR COMPUTER SKILLS for Parish Projects? Speak to Heather or Catherine about the possibility of an up-coming workshop.