This Week in the Parish





Mon  Aug 5th                                  



Tues  Aug 6th          9:30 am         Bible Study at Sweeny's



Wed   Aug 7th                   St John's serves North Rosedale School Reunion


Thurs Aug 8th


Fri     Aug 9th  


Sat     Aug 10th               Doors open for Churches, Lunenburg County                                   


Sun    Aug 11th                               9th Sunday after Pentecost

                                            90th Anniversary of the Consecration of Transfiguration 


                                     9:30 am       Holy Eucharist at Transfiguration, Newburne with St   









                           Summer Service Schedule     


                                         June, July and August


                               One Parish Service each Sunday at 9:30 am


                                                    (A few exceptions, as announced)








Hi everyone...... you may not have heard.....
there's a GAMES NIGHT  at St John's Church Hall....
It's for all ages.....come for the whole 3 hours from 6pm-9pm or for any portion of it. There is no charge (hosted by the Parish)... snacks are provided(by the Parish).....
Travis Martin brings a generous supply of games.....and others bring their favorites as well....
Invite a friend....bring the family....tell your neighbours....







We are open to holding  teaching / discussion / worship / action events. We welcome suggestions for topics and leaders.




 INTERESTED IN DEVELOPING YOUR COMPUTER SKILLS for Parish Projects? Speak to Heather or Catherine about the possibility of an up-coming workshop.