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To help prevent the spread of the global pandemic in our churches and communities, we are cancelling all gatherings in our parish for the time being, beginning Monday (March 16th). We are very lucky not to have any confirmed cases in our province, but it's now clear that it's only a matter of time before it arrives and begins to spread. The best we can do is slow the spread so the health care system can keep up with care for those affected. For now, this means    cancelling our regular Bible study and the Lenten study group, the Community Cafe and the Lenten Soup Kitchen.

Sunday services have not yet been cancelled, but this is very likely to happen in the near future, across the diocese.

We will need to spend some time considering how we can continue the mission of the church without regular gatherings for a time. Phone calls, emails and other distance communication can help us keep in contact. When visiting in homes, hospitals and in public, it will be very important to wash hands frequently, avoid touching your face, and be especially careful about physical contact if you or others around you are sick or if you have travelled recently.

Remember that this virus can spread before a person has any symptoms of illness. It can live on surfaces for hours or days and very easily go from there to your hands, to your face. Even though some people may only develop mild symptoms, this virus is deadly for many, especially those who are older and those with underlying health issues, especially respiratory issues.

We all need to be serious about protecting one another, and especially those most at risk. We need to remember to look out for our neighbours who may become more isolated because of these kinds of precautions. How can we bring one another the joy and comfort of social contact without also accidentally bringing them a dangerous virus? Slowing down our busy schedules and spending more time at home may give us the extra time we need to think up creative ways of showing love for one another in this exceptional and difficult situation.

Here's hoping everyone takes this seriously enough that we slow the spread and can get back to a normal routine sooner rather than later."


 Holy Eucharist is celebrated in the parish as follows:



1st Sunday: St Andrew’s


2nd Sunday: Transfiguration (with St Matthew’s Lutheran)


3rd Sunday: alternating St John’s (Feb.) / St Andrew’s (Mar.)


4th Sunday: St John’s


5th Sunday: as announced




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  • The youth of our parish have decided to defer their trip to the CLAY Conference. The fundraising done by our youth for CLAY 2018 will instead be directed to the next meeting of CLAY, in the summer of 2020, location TBD.



The Anglican Parish of New Germany is an active collective of congregations who will warmly greet you and help you to join in our activities and worship. The Anglican Parish of New Germany is a parish family committed to growth and service in faith, unity, love, outreach and mission.


The Anglican Parish of New Germany is a large geographical parish with four historic churches, St. Andrew's, St. John-in-the-Wilderness, St. Paul's and Transfiguration, each with its own welcoming distinct community. It is a supportive community steeped in faith and committed to the gospel of Christ. This is reflected in the activities we choose to do, such as our bible studies, youth activities, and outreach to local organizations. The Anglican Parish of New Germany supports the Primates World Relief Development Fund (PWRDF) and Mission to Seafarers.


Our web site is a mission project we are delighted to share and hope to expand its capacity to reach others to its fullest potential. Within the Anglican Parish of New Germany we regularly get together for combined parish services and enjoy fellowship in our fundraising activities and social events. All of these activities are integral to our life and mission.